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Go BikesKool IOM Easter 11th -15th and 18th-22nd

What is Go MTB?  Go MTB, is a proficiency scheme for mountain bikers. Learners’ achievements are recorded and signed off as they progress. At key stages, learners are awarded certificates marking their achievements.


What is it for?

 Go MTB was created by Cycling Scotland to give mountain bike leaders and coaches a structure for running mountain bike skills sessions . The scheme motivates and encourages learners of any age to keep progressing their mountain bike skills and knowledge as recording achievements lets the learner see how they are progressing and motivates them to achieve more.

How does it work? 

Each participant receives a passport-style logbook, in which all progress is recorded and signed off by a Go MTB instructor. This allows learners, as well as parents and teachers, to chart their progress as they acquire new skills and knowledge.

What sort of things will participants learn? The Go MTB scheme isn’t just about learning bike skills. The aim is to enable riders to independently enjoy mountain biking and the outdoors in a safe and responsible way.


Go MTB has four themes. These are:

  • Riding Skills

  • Sharing the outdoors

  • First aid

  • Being independent and self-supporting


While the award is 75% skills based, the other themes are integral to mountain biking, dealing with behaviour, etiquette and safety such as trail use, consideration to other riders, care for the environment and basic first aid.


Why is this different from just teaching skills? 

Of course learning a skill or gaining knowledge is an end in itself but we also know that having goals and rewards, the more specific the better, is hugely important to progressing in anything. Go MTB gives learners a structured, yet infinitely flexible, goal-driven programme of learning. As each achievement is documented the learner can see how far they have come at any time and also what they might want to achieve next. This helps keep learners engaged and focused.

When and where?

Running every week day in the Easter holiday   

6-9 yr Olds 10:30am - 12:00pm

10 -12 yr Olds 1pm - 2:30pm

13 - 16 yr Olds 3pm- 4:30 pm

Venue Ballaugh (Adventureology HQ)

Cost £15 a session or £60 for 5 including VAT

And why not Drop your kids off with are British cycling Go MTB leaders and why not hire on of e-bike and take ride around the north Cost £20

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