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We offer a wide variety of opportunities for any business looking to develop a team or enhance wellbeing through a wide range of activities. Theses session can range from multi day residential, day or half days as well as relaxing evening session. Our programme development guy Paul is passionate that we can all learn something and become better communicators with the power of Adventure at any level. 

Whether it is set problem solving tasks with specific learning outcome or a more natural wash of learning by letting the mountains speak for themselves, we can offer a bespoke course to suit your needs, and we won't forget that on top of it all we learn best when its fun!! 

Adventureology has a number of pre-planned activities, including:

  • Navigation

  • Canoe rafting

  • Coasteering

  • Mountain day

  • Sea safaris 

  • Bushcraft

  • Teamwork/Problem Solving

  • Stringing and flinging 

These sessions can be booked at anytime, with learning outcomes tailored specifically to the group.

We also offer a number of in-house awards for longer term courses, such as:

  • Adventurology Personal Discovery Award

  • Adventureology Leadership Award

These awards encourage regular participation, and offer a wide range of activities; working towards long term goals and outcomes.


Alongside our day and term-long activities, we can also organise and run off-island trips. These bespoke trips are planned in conjunction with your needs, with a view to combine pre-booked activities with other sessions led by our instructors. These trips are an exciting way to push you out of your comfort zones whilst remaining safe and building on team skills.

Prices start from £150 for a group for a half day session, groups size will vary depending on the activity. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs so we can offer you the best experience and value for money.

For further information please contact us on Facebook or email



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